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  • Systematic Reflections on Safety Pre-warning

    The paper presents safety risk assessment theory and pre-warning management of coal mine safety.Through clarifying the situation and accident sources,the procedures of pre-warning theory of coal mine are proposed so as to provide a theoretical basis for coal production safety,finally the paper points out the problems existed in safety management of coal mine and the directions for further study.

  • Reflections on Improving the Effectiveness of Safety

    In the new era, coal mine enterprises have met with new opportunities and challenges in the process of development. In order to occupy an advantageous position in the fierce competition, coal mine enterprises must take effective management measures to enhance their competitiveness. Safety management of mechanical and electrical transportation is an important guarantee for the normal

  • (PDF) Prediction of coal seam details and mining

    Finally, we established a safety coefficient for assessing the safety of coal mining. The coefficient was based on the degree of anisotropy, coal bed thickness, Young's modulus, and VP/VS value of

  • coal mining reflective clothing, coal mining reflective

    coal mining reflective clothing manufacturers on usage instructions and safety guidelines. Find a wide array of these. coal mining reflective clothing such as t-shirts, jackets, gloves and many more. Here you can find all kinds of. coal mining reflective clothing in different sizes, shapes, and colors that suite your individual needs. The products have been certified and verified for quality, durability and efficiency.

  • Analysis of safety precautions for coal and gas

    2009-3-18 · Hudecek, V. Analysis of safety precautions for coal and gas outburst-hazardous strata. J Min Sci 44, 464–472 (2008). https://doi.org/10.1007/s10913-008-0051-9. Download citation. Received: 10 April 2008. Published: 18 March 2009. Issue Date: September 2008. DOI:


    2020-6-19 · COAL HANDLING SAFETY Risks of unwanted combustion potentially causing injury, damage and downtime occur everywhere that coal is handled, processed or stored. Safe coal handling practices are designed to ensure that the fuel remains intact throughout its journey from the mine until the point at which it is ignited in the boiler.

  • (PDF) Fuzzy comprehensive evaluation of coal mine

    The scheme is: Safety cost per ton of coal is 3.8 dollars, investment proportion is: Organizational management (0.44), safety climate (0.16), working environment (0.08), technological equipment (0

  • Optical Reflections From Coal Nature

    THE classification of the petrological constituents of coals developed in Great Britain by Dr. Marie C. Stopes and published in a revised version in 19351 has been widely adopted as a basis for

  • (PDF) How the safety culture of Pike River Coal

    2019-8-24 · The findings showed significant gaps in each of the subcomponents, meaning that the Pike River Coal mine had an overall ineffective safety culture

  • The role and effects of representing miners in

    2018-10-26 · arrangements for safety and health in coal mining: a global study Volume 1: A comparative analysis of findings from five countries David Walters¹, Emma Wadsworth¹, Richard Johnstone², Katherine Lippel³, Michael Quinlan4, Syamantak Bhattacharya5, and Phil James6 ¹Cardiff University ²School of Law, QUT ³University of Ottawa

  • Workplace health and safety in the Australian coal mining

    2020-2-5 · health and safety (WHS) landscape within which the Australian coal mining industry operates. This is reflected both in the internal management approaches adopted by large mining companies and the external regulation imposed by government authorities. Some of the changes in the WHS practices of coal mining companies may be

  • Fuzzy comprehensive evaluation of coal mine safety

    2012-1-1 · The evaluation results show that personnel training and investment in safety technology is the key of accident prevention, management investment is the main factor of affecting the rationality of coal mine safety investment structure; the fuzzy comprehensive evaluation based on M(1,2,3) model can improve the precision of fuzzy comprehensive

  • Coal Mining Safety using IoT Semantic Scholar

    Now a day’s due to global warming and climate changes there are challenging situations in field of coal mine. To reduce the cost and improve the productivity along with product quality the atomization in the field of coal mine is indeed necessary, which will also reduce the mine workers efforts. This paper proposes a design of a wireless sensor network (WSN) with the help of Raspberry pi

  • The role and effects of representing miners in

    2018-10-26 · safety professionals, is committed to evidence-based practice in workplace safety and health. We maintain a Research and Development Fund to support research and inspire innovation as part of our work as a thought leader in health and safety. All recipients of funding from our Research and Development Fund are asked to compile a

  • “Reflections” Mining History : Mine Safety and Health

    2008-7-1 · Mine Safety and Health Administration “Reflections” Mining History DVD509 2002 Shows the evolution of health and safety laws and the role of the...

  • Safety Reflections: COSH Names Top 10 Workplace

    2010-4-5 · Safety Reflections. Thursday, January 20, 2011. COSH Names Top 10 Workplace Tragedies for 2010 By Laura Walter . a catastrophic mine disaster killed 29 coal miners; and an oil refinery explosion caused multiple fatalities and those were just the incidents you heard about.

  • Safety Reflections: January 2011

    2011-1-28 · Safety Committees can be a great means of getting folks together and discuss issues like near misses, make improvement suggestions etc. Unfortunately, there are numerous occasions where committee members are only reluctantly participating, are looking for excuses to not attend and only sit silently in the meetings, not willing to voice their opinion.

  • From diamonds to coal? Critical reflections on

    2015-12-1 · Coal’s share of global primary energy consumption reached 30.1% in 2013, its highest level since 1970. Despite weak internal coal consumption growth, China still accounted for 67% of the global growth in coal consumption, with India at 21%. Overall, 89% of

  • MINING HISTORY "Reflections" Coal Miners Mine

    Feb 4, 2018 MINING HISTORY "Reflections" Coal Miners Mine SafetyMine Safety and Health Administration "Reflections" Mining History Shows the evolution of health

  • International Journal of Coal Geology Elsevier

    2021-5-9 · The International Journal of Coal Geology deals with fundamental and applied aspects of the geology and petrology of coal, oil/gas source rocks and shale gas resources. The journal aims to advance the exploration, exploitation and utilization of these resources, and to stimulate environmental awareness as well as advancement of engineering for effective resource management.